Formulas to have in your apothicary cabinet or on hand

On the apothicary side (we work with chemists, biologists, pharmacist; it is not because we are natural that we are not on the boat, on the contrary, we will exceed your expectations in terms of performance).

In my homemade "to the rescue" kit, I like:

- the soothing formula to apply to relieve minor daily irritations
- Respiratory formula (a lovely oxygen bath) to spray to relieve cold and cough symptoms, powerful!
- the Breathe Well formula, for the whole family (I spray it on top of us for a soothing and decongesting oxygen bath before diving into a deep sleep)
- the "Protector" spray formula which relieves us of the flu virus
- And I appreciate the Bobôme! Designed by Nathalie 16 years ago, to apply to my baby Louis' little sores. Bobôme, a real balm that calms irritations caused by mosquito bites thanks to the beautiful properties included in these quality ingredients: shea butter, CO2 calendula, lavender, German chamomile, peppermint and geranium.
- practical: our antiseptic $ 7.50 Natural version, enhanced with essential oils + skin softener.

First Aid care kit, here are the essential oils that I choose:

- true lavender essential oil
- the soothing formula
- peppermint essential oil for stomach aches (during a trip, a pharmacist advised me 4 drops during the day for Charles who was 7 years old. Peppermint was very useful to him, his stomach aches disappeared. immediately!)
-And I appreciate the protector honey and the caramel fir butter!