Always on the quest for zero waste, I am constantly looking for new solutions so as not to waste the food that are on the shelves of my fridge.

So I asked David, Bonnie and Julie to send me some tricks and here I share them with you.


Always a good food saver, the croquettes require only a base of cooked cereals of your choice (rice, millet, quinoa ...), that you can re-hydrate a bit (so that they are more sticky) with a little boiling water. The trick to forming balls that stand well is to knead the stickiness in order to bring out the starches.

To these cereals add what you have left in the fridge, curry, nuts, fresh herbs and chopped vegetables. Mix well, season to taste (smoked paprika, chili, curry, Mediterranean herbs ... go according to your taste) and form small patties (be careful to wet your fingers so that the mixture does not clump). The important thing is that they stand firm. If you see that they lack shape, add a little bit of gluten-free flour of your choice.

Bake at 350 F, 10 minutes on one side and then 10 minutes on the other.

Croquette dipping sauce

Continuing on the empty-fridge initiative, create a sauce from leftover herbs, spinach, carrot leaves etc. Pass them in the mixer with a little water and a protein to thicken (tahini, almond butter, peanuts etc).

Voilà, your sauce is ready.

Ice cubes for smoothies

David suggests using the remaining fruit and vegetables to create smoothie ice cubes. You can mix them with a little water to keep the fiber or turn them into juice by passing them to the extractor. Then pour in ice cube trays and freeze. Then take the number of ice cubes you want to add to your vegetable milk.

Go to the blender and enjoy :)