“Hello, first of all I want to congratulate you on your business model and thank you, as a customer, for the quality of the products you offer!  In 2019, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and received chemotherapy.  At the time I unfortunately did not know your products.  I am now in remission and often have a thought for those in treatment. To this end, have you ever thought of proposing a protocol for people in chemo?   Either treatment for ultra dry skin, hair care, nails etc.

I think it would be a favour to them! I would have loved it.  Also, what a nice way to support a loved one by offering them a «chemo» care kit. So, the idea is launched» Geneviève Hamelin

Reactive Skin, Post Therapy, Pre and Post Surgery Skincare Ritual

This “caring” approach focuses on quality of life and control the visible effects of cancer treatments, so it’s very well welcomed.

By improving comfort and appearance, women are more likely to follow their treatment, we position ourselves as complementary.

Formulated with respect and integrity of the skin, these products adapt to the needs of the moment, accompany all those who wish to take time for themselves while regaining well-being and softness in their daily lives.

Always the best choice of ingredients and uncompromising, 100% pure, natural and active: virgin vegetable oils and exceptional pure essential oils not altered and not diluted, no filler, no GMO, toxins, fragrances, petroleum derivatives and synthetic agents. Natural preservatives only. Not tested on animals and vegan. 

Here are our packages for caring (including gifts):

Gentleness set with gifts: a duo of eyeshadows and a nail polish. 

Comfort set with gifts: a duo of eye shadows, lipstick and nail polish. 
Comfort set

Benevolent set with gifts: eyeshadow duo, lipstick, highlighter and nail polish. 

Kindness set

What are the side effects of frequent treatments on the skin?

These include the following:

Ultra dry skin
Hair loss 
Yellowing or blackening, embrittlement, striae and separation of the nail bed.

There is increased skin dryness, both on the face and on the body, caused by chemotherapy. This results in an alteration of the skin barrier (xenrose), a sign that the water content of the epidermis becomes lower than normal, causing the loss of suppleness and dehydration causing intense dryness and itching.

Frequently observed with chemotherapy, a rash of pimples after 2 weeks of treatment appears because closely related to an alteration of the epidermal barrier. There are acne-like lesions that can develop on the face, neck, shoulders, torso and upper back.

Nails are often damaged as a result of treatments; they can become dry, brittle, discoloured and have dark streaks or spots.

Here are the Maison Jacynthe products suggested to find comfort


For face and body

  • Huile de Jojoba
  • Huile de Kukui
  • Huile de Moringa
  • Sérum Neutre
  • Sérum Néroli 
  • Gel d'Aloès
  • Phytobaume
  • Eau florale de Camomille
  • Eau florale de Néroli
  • Eau florale de Rose
  • Sublimateur
  • Mousseline Kukui
  • Mousseline Calendule
  • Mousseline Tamanu
  • Karité-Vanillé
  • Baume apaisant et protecteur
  • Huile Bébé
  • Huile Macadam & Camomille

    Hair (never before treatment)

  • Baume cheveux
  • Plus all other products mentioned above


  • Huile Cuticules
  • Plus all other products mentioned above

    Care protocol: 2 or more times a day

    Apply 2 to 3 pumps of Huile de Jojoba to the entire face and neck, previously moistened with floral water.
    Massage for a few seconds and remove dry, using a soft cotton pad.
    Apply floral water in ablution. 
    Massage to maintain absorption.
    Apply the right hydrolipidic sealant and protector according to your specific needs.
  • Phytobaume 
  • Oil or serum
  • Mousseline or butter
  • Mix (gel+ oil+ butter)
  • Enriched Phytobaume (Phytobaume+ oil or butter)
  • A lighter Mousseline (mousseline + gel)

    To make a Moisturizing Mask

    Apply the Gel d'Aloès as a mask and massage to activate the absorption.
    When more is left, apply, mixing, your butter, mousseline or oil warmed and massage to spread over the entire face and neck. This emulsion softens the surface layer and calms irritation. 
    Keep in pause the time of the action of freshness and remove the surplus dry, with the help of a soft cloth

    To make a Plumping Mask

    After cleansing and hydration with floral water and Sublimateur or Gel d'Aloes, or both.
    Apply an oil pipette or the appropriate serum and perform a gentle and relaxing massage, nourishing and softening. 
    Finish with a warm butter mask.
    Dry out excess after 10-12 minutes of break.

    To make a Acne-reducing Mask 

    Mix a part of Mousseline Tamanu  + a part of Huile de Jojoba + a part of Gel d'Aloes+ a part of Chamomile water. 
    Apply in compress for 10 minutes.
    Remove dry and massage the rest to help absorption and calm the cutaneous nerve endings.