Traditional Lavender boasts many therapeutic properties:


• Calming: soothes nerves, anti-anxiety, sedative and general sleep aid - a popular choice (along with Roman chamomile) to help calm the body and mind before sleep .

• Anti-inflammatory and Healing: infectious dermatoses, scars, wounds, burns

• Muscle Relaxant: muscular tension, solar plexus spasms and general cramps.


In addition it is slightly hypotensive.


Here’s a Diaper Rash Remedy from Annick Tessier: Take a drop or two of Lavender essential oil and mix it with a small amount of neutral cream (I like calendula),) it heals in one night! (effective for cases of mild redness to raw bleeding)


I also mix it with peppermint oil, and apply it on my wrists, inside my elbows and on my ankles just before yoga, it smells good and helps calm me down.


At the salon we add Rosemary oil to our professional exfoliant (to remove blackheads) and I use it for my allergies! When I place a drop inside my nostrils, my eyes stop itching and my sinuses decongest. Caution: To avoid irritation, only apply every two hours.


Use Tea Tree oil to treat infections (good for animals too).


My son Louis asked for Peppermint oil to make a natural mouth wash (should be diluted for children, adults can take a few drops directly). Luc makes me inhale peppermint oil before a conference to invigorate my mind (his organic oil from Oregon smells and tastes like candy). A few drops taken internally helps with digestion and works marvels for headaches when applied to the temples.


Vanesa used Eucalyptus Radiata infused in hot water in her video on how to use Ayurvedic Wisdom to boost your immune system in the fall. This particular species of eucalyptus is most active when applied topically: rubbing it on your children’s feet will stimulate their immune system.


I once asked Luc for an oil that would help my son Charles relax in the evenings, and that was how Roman chamomile became a part of our lives! « Give me lots mama! » he would ask me while laying in bed, an inhaler bottle close to his nose.  As this oil is quite expensive, we have created a calming massage oil blend for children that you can use without having to count the drops!


For the past ten years, I have been taking Oregano oil internally (except when I'm pregnant) as soon as I feel the beginning of a cold; Luc's oregano oil is highly potent, it kills everything!


And what about Myrrh? It's very effective for cold sores. When you feel a little tingle, tap a few drops on the affected area and it will be gone in no time. Tea tree works great too!


Pretty impressive medicine cabinet right?


We have some potent blends, like our Purifying Formula; which is great for treating athlete's foot.