For babies, for sensitive skin, for everyone!

We just had another wonderful beauty workshop (Thank you so much girls! What a beautiful day to chat and pamper ourselves)! A guest told us that she was afraid to put anything on her face, after a cosmetic product burned her skin (it was clear vitamin E, therefore unnatural and made with petroleum products and preservatives). I was delighted to see her being able to use our anti-defying, moisturizing and protective products! What a beautiful skin!

Then, during the break, a grandmother asked me what to use on her grandchildren: First and foremost, 100% natural skincare is a must, from bath products to skin hydration, from sun protection to diaper changes!

Here are my 3 picks for babies (that they can also eat it without any problems or consequences as shown in this picture taken earlier)!

Skincare for babies:

If you prefer a soap bar, you will love our new 50% Shea soap, Bébé Joe, for babies, sensitive or irritated skin.

Here are the disastrous and alarming effects of "MIT" hidden in everyday products (hand and body soaps, baby wipes, make-up, creams, sunscreens...), this new preservative (used to replace parabens), can cause swelling, cracking, bleeding and burning of the skin.

Another preservative, phenoxyetanol, could also wreak havoc (also present, among others, in products for babies).

For baby, you only need our Peau de Bébé oil (Franch for baby skin) or Shea butter, both offer relief and moisture when changing him or her. .

For adults: I recommend our beauty trio, 3 products (for $130), a ritual that will take care of all your needs (it cleanses, moisturizes, nourishes and rejuvenates).


For eczema in children: Our good old vanilla Shea butter and Peau de Bébé oil will soothe their skin. I also suggest a natural soap with a ph that respects their fragile and irritated skin. It would also be a great idea to avoid: synthetic fragrances (in fabric softeners, air fresheners, etc.), chemicals (especially when we can use household products such as vinegar, baking soda and our purifying formula are sufficient to disinfect the entire house). Eczema could come from an internal issue so looking into your child’s diet is not a bad idea!

You will find the vanilla shea butter here.

You will find our Peau de Bébé oil here, it will soothe redness and irritations of your small and big kids: "I love Peau de Bébé, I am in love with this fantastic product. My boy has intense cases of eczema at times, and this product is perfect.'' - Philisha Nelthorpe, customer