Dry brushing of the skin

Here's what prominent Dr. Bernard Jensen says:

“Dry brushing of the skin is the best of all baths. No soap can cleanse and make the skin as clean as the new skin hiding under the old. The skin regenerates every 24 hours. Dry brushing of the skin removes the old layer of skin. This helps remove crystals of uric acid, catarrh and other acids from the body. The skin should normally remove up to 2 pounds of body waste per day. "

Our skin, the largest living organ in the body, is multifunctional: one of its functions is to eliminate bodily waste. Dry brushing the skin daily increases pore activity. This process is very effective and removes more harmful materials than water and soap.

Why brush your skin regularly?

1. Brushing helps stimulate and increase the blood circulation of the underlying organs and tissues, so it helps your body to shed metabolic waste.

2. It revitalizes by increasing the elimination capacity and also helping your skin to breathe because it removes dead skin cells and allows the opening of clogged pores. Without dry brushing, dead skin cells can simply build up on the skin!

3. Dry brushing stimulates lymphatic circulation. We all know how important it is to keep the lymph moving!

4. It helps reduce cellulite. Cellulite is the result of toxic waste accumulated in the fat cells of your body. Dry brushing helps the body to detoxify more effectively.

5. It stimulates the hormones and the reproductive glands of oils keeping the pores open while allowing the skin to retain its natural oils;

6. It has an invigorating influence on the nervous system by stimulating the underlying nerves of the skin;

7. It improves muscle toning and the adequate distribution of fatty deposits;

8. It improves the complexion of the skin; it refreshes and rejuvenates while making the skin soft and silky;

9. It improves health in general and also helps in the prevention of premature aging.

How to proceed ?

In the morning, to energize, tone and therefore wake up, before taking a shower, use a natural bristle brush to brush your skin in circular motions, starting from the top of the feet towards the torso, then starting from the fingers towards Chest.

In the evening, it allows you to relax after a busy day. Followed by a shower or a hot bath and the night's sleep will be excellent.

You want to work in the same direction as the lymph flow, towards the heart.

Be careful on sensitive areas like breasts. The more regularly you brush, the less sensitive your skin will become. Once you have finished brushing, hop in the shower to get rid of dead skin cells! It's quick and easy, only 2-3 minutes! Dry brushing, a must to add to your daily routine.

Please note that in order to properly maintain the dry body brush, which is made from vegetable fibers, it is important that it never gets wet, otherwise it will lose its properties.

Some restrictions

Avoid sensitive areas: areas of rashes, wounds, cuts, infections.
Avoid on injury, varicose vein, sunburn, tumors.
Finally avoid brushing on a body that is too hot or very cold.

Dry brush cleaning: every week, you can hold it over a wastebasket and brush them with a toothbrush or even a hairbrush that you designate only for this end.

Skin that breathes fully is healthy skin!