A daily gourmet detox, this is how I do it:

* After oil pulling (that I do while I'm washing dishes from the night before, preparing juice, lunches), I drink a glass of water (if I have time, hot water and lemon juice + cayenne, ideal while on a detox).

* A smoothie in the morning gives me proteins and energy! I will add more recipes. The matcha smoothie is powerful and the gourmand smoothie nourishes you. Look for new recipes online. That’s why the juice bar is there!

* I snack on energy balls, bars, or healthy cookies, my gluten-free banana bread is always available for a few bites that I eat with homemade milk (made on Sundays in ready-to-go bottles).

* For my main lunch and dinner, I aim for grains like quinoa that I adore completely and / or vegetables with a decadent sauce (tahini or almond).

* In the evening, I always drink a green juice before my last meal. It’s my health insurance.

* I allow myself to eat a few bite-size treats. You see, all the recipes from Jmagazine (and from my book) are recipes that I eat daily.

They are all detox, which means:

* High nutrient density (in order to function and to stop begging for food, our cells must be fed with minerals, vitamins, and nutrients from diverse sources).

* Easily digestible (so that we don’t spend all of our time and energy to digest)

* Plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free.

* Creating beautiful combinations that help digestion.

Recipes, prepared quickly*, are categorized based on what can be ideal in the morning, lunch and evening. Always promoting a clean body (not clogged). As expected, energy is recovered and then, tenfold! All you have to do is browse the recipes and have fun trying them! This menu is only a guide. Adapt it so it can make you happy. We are all different. Create your ideal menu!

* The preparation time for energy balls, milk, sauce for vegetables and quinoa is 5 minutes. The juice takes 10 minutes to make. Other snacks take 15 minutes!

Photo: Marc Dussault