Coconut Oil is a saturated fat, however the molecule is made up mainly of medium and short chain fatty acids, which help reduce blood cholesterol, arterial tension and even facilitate fat metabolism.

There are saturated fats that are dominant in long chain fatty acids, such as animal fats, which are best known for their negative ( inflammatory and congesting) health effects.

Medium chain fatty acids also have anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties once they are broken down in the body.

Due to its molecular stability, it is a perfect oil for high-temperature cooking (oven, frying), mono-unsaturated (olive, sunflower) and poly-unsaturated oils (flax, sesame) are less stable and therefore are easily oxidized and turn rancid when exposed to high heat.

In addition, medium chain fatty acids support immune and digestive health as well as can be used directly on the skin for a silky soft feel and radiant tone!


Danielle Denichaud RHN