Following your many requests on how to cleanse your face and remove makeup, let me introduce you to the cleansing oil, that is as versatile as the other treatments. It is active without irritating the skin and removes makeup while nourishing the eyelashes. This exquisite blend also has the benefit of regulating the sebum. Its fragrance with notes of sandalwood and ylang-ylang is also delicate and sublime.

Directions: I put a droper full of oil in the palm of my hand, cleanse my face, and gently cleanse my eyelids with my fingertips. Then, I rinse with a washcloth or in the shower.

I gently wipe a cotton ball under my eyes and on my eyelashes to remove the excess oil. There is nothing like oil to remove impurities and dirt.

Think about the mechanic whose hands are black and dirty at the end of the day: he plunges his hands into oil to clean them because soap would not be able to do it.