Chocolate therapy helps reduce the masses of subcutaneous fat responsible for cellulite by restoring elasticity and suppleness to the skin. It also effectively reduces the feeling of heavy legs. Finally, the relaxing virtues of cocoa help to feel better and lighter at the end of each session.

Cocoa contains an important source of polyphenols (antioxidants). These molecules promote the metabolism of glucose in the body. Concretely, they therefore help the body to burn sugar and prevent it from storing it as fat.

Finally, cocoa also contains a large amount of catechins, a molecule of the flavonoid family present in many slimming teas.

Chocolate is also known to be an effective antidepressant. In addition to magnesium, it contains theobromine (a stimulant) as well as tyramine and phenylethylamine (two substances close to amphetamines which play on the feeling of well-being).

Caffeine has many virtues. Applied directly to the skin, it helps reduce cellulite.

The spices activate the circulation by a vasodilatation effect and maximize the results to find a silhouette.

Wonders for the senses, here are our chocolate treatments, 100% natural, pure & active, irresistibly gourmet & seductive:


Chocolate mousse - For face & body (50 g)

Similar to mousselines, in texture and warm, comforting, enveloping, nourishing scent. Repairs, nourishes and protects the skin against from the Quebec winter cold. A sensation of chocolate euphoria which leaves the skin with a comforting and gourmet scent during outdoor activities.

The antioxidant properties of cocoa absolute, as well as the richness of the ingredients, make this mousse an anti-aging, smoothing, nourishing and protective treatment. For the whole family (children from 2 years old).

How to use the chocolate mousse for a sublime ritual:

1- Take a little bit of coco exfoliant in which you spray the orange water to dissolve the sugar and then add, always in the palm of your hand, our chocolate mousse to cleanse the face: DELICIOUS! EXQUISITE ON THE SKIN, SO COMFORTABLE - ANTI-AGING - NUTRITIVE - SMOOTHING.

2-You rinse.

3-Spray orange water and apply the mousse (which can also be lightened with our aloe vera gel and orange water).


Spicy Choco & Coffee - Silhouette fondant (100 ml)

Concentrated and flavored, active on unsightly dimpling; this precious hot and spicy elixir honors the Aztec origins where bitter and spicy chocolate was consumed. On the skin, a feeling of heat that envelops the body, activates deep circulation and restores tone to the blood vessels.


Chocolate - mask (50 g)

Anti-aging and wonderful for pimples & redness!

Happy gourmet and olfactory marriage: 100% natural, pure & active, organic & fair trade cocoa paste and essential oil of peppermint.

How to apply it:

1-You heat the mask while cleansing & exfoliating the skin.

2-Then you apply the mask hot. You keep 10-20 minutes.

3-Remove with a damp washcloth.

4-You hydrate with floral water, gel (oriental, radiance boost or pure aloe).

5-Apply chocolate mousse in which you can add a little serum.