What a joy it is to be able to pass on your questions to Céline. Here she took a few moments to answer.

How is it that there is aluminum in our baking powder and how to choose the right one?

On the label of baking powders containing aluminum, we can read alum rather than aluminum. However, it is not the only undesirable ingredient they can contain, phosphorus and phosphate can also be found in there (carbonated drinks, chocolate, eggs all also contain some ... they are found in good foods like In the less good ones) which is a nervous stimulant when consumed in excess. Therefore, use phosphate-free and aluminum-free baking powder for cooking. As in everyday life, it is better to choose glass containers rather than aluminum or plastic.

What is Fodmap and your opinion on the subject?

Fodmap is a restrictive diet on foods that create fermentation (sugar, among others). People who follow this diet will therefore avoid certain groups of foods, as much in vegetables as in fruits, as in legumes, which contain sugars that can cause bloating, gas or digestive difficulties in some.

My personal opinion on the subject, for me, is that it makes no sense to cut large groups of food out. If you do not digest these food groups "naturally", it is because your body has a problem and I have a greater tendency to regulate what is not working well in the intestine rather than Deprive the body of these foods. It is not because we "remove" that we repair the intestine. Fruits and vegetables are necessary for life.

To repair the intestine, it may be good to consult a specialist, such as a naturopath, since we may need some molecules to help us.

For example, people who are zinc deficient, with zinc being very important to repair the mucous membranes (internal wall, coating, the intestine among others) or deficient in omega 3 will experience digestive disorders. When the mucous membranes are damaged, inflammations and the permeability of the intestine causes undigested proteins to be released in the body, which can lead to neurological disturbances, fatigue etc. It will be necessary to re-balance everything to properly digest.

It will also be necessary to give prebiotics to our intestine, therefore fibers that contain sugars.

Are supplements necessary in children?

No! In fact, the only supplements that I do advise for children in day care that are exposed to many viruses, are prebiotics to decrease the number of colds and ear infections.

What are the best sources of iron?

Iron is a problem in children. They consume a lot, a lot of dairy products (usually in excess rather than a deficiency) rich in calcium; iron absorption will be compromised since these two minerals are bickering for absorption. So people who consume a lot of dairy products will be iron deficient, they will have pale complexion, deficient immunity, shallower sleep and less appetite. So before you think about adding iron sources, let's target what prevents its absorption.

Otherwise, eggs are a very interesting source of iron and vitamin b12. It is the same thing for meats. Legumes, green and brown lentils, are also very valuable sources of iron. Beware of consuming them with vitamin c. So, in turn, by consuming them with vegetables (peppers, green vegetables), we will ensure a full and proper absorption.

For vegans, pay attention to vitamin b12. Food yeast (if indicated on the label) is a good source. More and more people are missing b12. These people will be tired, lack concentration, and in children with autism, there is an absence of communication link (when they take it, in some cases, there is an "awakening").

And there is a difference between sub-anemic and anemic. Sub-anemic means that my hemoglobin is good but my ferritin is low so I am not yet anemic but on the way to ... And I can have symptoms at this time.

I have read that extra iron supplement, in pregnant women, could harm the development of certain genes in the fetus.

It is sure that women are often sub-anemic because of their period. So I'm going to suggest that women take surpluses during that time.

During pregnancy, if one is followed by a doctor and that there is iron deficiency; it is certain that in this case I will prescribe supplements. I think that being in natural care, being followed by a naturopath, is not being against medicine. We want a harmonious collaboration of both for optimal health.