Although essential oils cannot be used on a regular basis to maintain
a strong immune system, they are extremely beneficial for acute cold, flu and inflammatory

Personally, I like to use Laurel essential oil as a preventive
measure. If I’m in an environment where people may have the flu or other
infections, I put a few drops inside my nostrils and I take a drop orally.
Since germs are transmitted through the air, I make sure to use an
"antivirus" (don't we use one for our computer?) to protect me from
catching the flu. Essential oil of laurel has anti-infectious properties and is
a potent immune system activator.

At the first signs of cold or flu symptoms (sore throat, runny nose,
muscle pain), you should definitely take thyme, oregano or clove essential oils.
I personally like oregano, whereas my colleague, Jocelyne, has a preference for
a mixture of equal parts of thyme and clove. These essential oils will be your
body’s allies in fighting infections while boosting your immune system. 

Warning: If you find these essential oils too strong, you
can dilute 1 or 2 drops in ½ tsp. of olive oil.

In addition, you can rub your throat, feet, chest and line your nostrils
with eucalyptus radiata, laurel or ravintsara for example. These 'classic'
essential oils are very useful for fighting colds and flu.

Disinfect the air during the holidays: A few days before Christmas,
spray some of our Noel home fragrance
around your home, which will simultaneously create a festive atmosphere while
sanitizing the air.