Body care

If body hygiene is an integral part of our daily life, because it helps to maintain good health, body care, for its part, contributes to well-being and offers skin comfort and multi-sensory pleasure.

This desire to take care of one's physical appearance is directly related to the feeling of well-being. Maison Jacynthe understands this and invites you into its Phyto-Aroma cosmetic arsenal to discover unforgettable olfactory, textural and performance escapes. In the comfort of your home!


High-performance skin care products for all its variations:

  • Moisturize, nourish, protect
  • Reshape the figure
  • Promote the elimination of toxins
  • Stimulate nutrition
  • Even out the complexion
  • Relax


Moisturize, Nourish, Protect

To have a beautiful skin, it is necessary to maintain it daily and allow it to keep its shapely and satiny appearance.

Just like the face, the skin of the body needs to be stimulated to keep its vitality, hydrated to keep its light and nourished to keep its elasticity:

  • Dry brushing, every morning and before showering, invigorates the skin and awakens the senses.
  • Wet exfoliation is done on damp skin, in the shower 1 to 3 times a week (Coco scrub, Oxypur scrub, Exfopur and vegetable oil).
  • Hydration - not to be confused with nutrition: the skin needs water to facilitate the passage of oils and allow good nutrition.  After the shower, apply your body oil in the palm of your hand and add the equivalent of floral water or Aloe vera gel or the Sublimateur and while mixing, apply directly to the area.
  • Protection, to prevent dehydration for as long as possible: apply a dab of your favorite mousseline and if your skin still screams, the balms, butters and waxes will be your finishing care.


Remodeling the Silhouette

For various reasons, treatment cures are best done in the evening and are directly complementary to daytime treatments. Better receptivity of the active ingredients:

  • Dry brushing, every evening and morning, and before showering to stimulate circulation.
  • Wet exfoliation is done on damp skin, in the shower 1 to 3 times a week (Coco scrub, Oxypur scrub, Exfopur and vegetable oil).
  • Before applying the remodeling serum, moisturize the skin by mixing a little floral water in your hand and a little gel or the Sublimateur and apply to the entire body.
  • Finish by applying the remodeling serum (The Drainante, The Ayurvedic, Choco coffee spice fluid, Chocolate mousse, Tensor fluid, for the décolleté, the buttocks, the arms, or our personalized aromatic blend in a neutral base). Massage until completely absorbed with your hands or for best results on small unsightly dimples with your Gua Sha.


Promote the elimination of toxins and cellular debris

Each skin is unique and reacts in a particular way to the internal and external environment. While thin, clear skin is vulnerable to dryness and blemishes, thicker skin is prone to cell occlusions and pimples.

The skin of our body also helps to expel toxins through perspiration.  It helps the body to eliminate waste.  It is an emunctory. To enable it to assist in its purification work, it needs, like the skin of the face, to be cleaned, exfoliated, purified of cellular clutter, moisturized and nourished from the outside in order to keep luminosity, shape and suppleness, but also, its role as an excretor.

Several tools are available to us to exfoliate the skin of the body, such as those mentioned above.

Nevertheless, to promote the elimination of toxins, what better than thermalism. It is easy to reproduce in your bathroom, which you transform into a Spa (health by aqua). This treatment is best offered in the evening. We play with hot and cold, starting with:

  • Applying Oxypur oil all over the body while the bath water warms and humidifies the room. Massage for 3 minutes with the oil and add the Oxypur powder rubbing on the most asphyxiated areas.

A slightly cool sensation invites us to dive into the warmth of the bath for a 20-minute relaxation.

  • Rinse with fresh water in the shower. An invigorating and stimulating sensation surprises.
  • Keep your hydration by mixing one-part floral water, one part body oil in the palm of your hand and apply to each part of the body.
  • For more dehydrated skin, use in addition to the floral water, a little gel or the Sublimateur. Finish the treatment with a mousseline, a Serum or the Butter of your choice.
  • For thicker skin or skin with pimple problems, apply 1 drop of the formula in addition to the floral water and body oil:  Exfopro (subcutaneous pimples), Dermopur (pimples), Soothing formula (small visible vessels), Eczema formula (dry patches)... to your choice, on the affected area only (do not exceed 15 drops of aromatic formulas for the entire body).


Stimulate nutrition

Like all organs, the skin ages, becomes thinner and loses its ability to retain its hydrolipidic film. It sags, crumples and develops discoloration, spots and even certain dermatological conditions...

To counteract skin dryness, the repeated application of emollients (water and oil) will be necessary to restore the skin barrier: 

  • A mixture of hyaluronic acid and mousseline or Phytobaume almost instantly restores the feeling of comfort, which will need to be sealed morning and evening.
  • Then, stimulate cell regeneration with a nutritive contribution - OUR SERUMS (Body Oil, After-Sun Serum, Ayurvedic Serum, Passion Oil), in the evening, and a Mousseline or a Butter, in the morning.


Even out the complexion

To have a radiant and luminous skin, it is necessary to moisturize it.

Spots develop when the skin is overexposed to the sun. They are generally darker than normal skin and are linked to an excess production of melanin by cells (the melanocytes). To avoid the formation of pigment spots, the application of a protection is obvious.

Daily moisturizing is also an excellent way to avoid the development of concentrated pigments. But when the damage is done, there are natural solutions to help diminish the appearance of spots, follow the guide:

  • At night, exfoliate, to stimulate brightening. 
  • Localized: Exfopur, mixed with an oil, promotes the friction and detachment of dry and stained cells. 
  • Exfopur, in a microdermabrasion technique, facilitates the detachment of keratoses and the lightening of the more anchored spots.
  • Coco Scrub in the shower for the whole body.
  • After the shower, moisturize to recommunicate by mixing 2 to 3 pumps of Phytocomplexe with a Serum or a Mousseline and let it absorb by a massage.



Take time for yourself. Take a beauty break dedicated to well-being. Winter will be all the sweeter for it.  Soft light, pleasant aromatic diffusion, a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

Your bathroom becomes Your moment of relaxation!