THE BASICS - Your relationship with yourself.

Through all my years of illness, but especially through those of healing, which the first adventure lasted for more than 10 years and the second one still continues,it’s ow now been 11 years and 5 months, I often asked myself the following questions:

What influence do I have on my health?

With the development of several types of illnesses or imbalances affecting mental, hormonal, physiological, emotional and spiritual health, the issue was unravelling little by little...

What are my own beliefs regarding the health of my body, my heart, my mind and my soul? What is my relationship with every one of those aspects?


Today, I am really into holistic health, for me, it’s a dynamic healthy expression of the four areas of myself. I succeeded in my quest, looking at better options for my health; I discovered and developed a culture of self-care. This new way guides all my actions on a daily basis.

The tips and tools that I will share with you are not part of the majority of what we are thought. In schools, we do not learn about the methods or skills we need to take care of our health in a sustainable way, or to preserve our holistic health. The health messages we receive are more related to intervention and prevention of diseases and infections, with very little information about our ability to act on a daily basis on how to preserve our health, or how to awaken ourselves and vitality. Our level of vitality is the reflection of the quality of our internal resources, which include our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. The quality of our resources is determined by the mechanisms of consumption and production of each one, in other words - their metabolism.

Metabolism is all about the processes of consumption, assimilation and elimination. The effectiveness of these processes will determine the state of each "body", and thus the expression of each one, which brings us back to our vitality.

The context of modern life brings a lot of stress that affects our vitality - media, chemicals, social networks, societal expectations, global conflicts...

I associate my diseases with this modern, toxic life. My mother fed me with breast milk, then with the food she prepared with love and no refined or artificial products. She followed a macrobiotic diet that was almost 100% biological during her pregnancy and during my youth. Despite her efforts and her commitment, as a stay at home mom, I developed digestive and intestinal diseases during my adolescence, these conditions developed into imbalances of the mental and endocrine systems. And at the end of my adolescence and in my early twenties, I was afflicted with addictions and eating disorders as well as all of my other illness and intolerances.

It’s this state of imbalance and especially of despair and depression that led me to identify what I deeply believed in for my health, vitality, aging and also the power to influence them.

And there it was, my healing journey began, in despair, in sickness, stifled by confusion and the sensation of complete loss of control over my own state.

Here, in a series of articles, I will share with you the key tips that guided me and supported me on my healing journey; the tools to facilitate the development of my holistic care, through the self-help workshops that I started 11 years ago.

I cannot make this journey for you, however I am in a position to be an experienced guide and facilitator as I always was the exception to the rules regarding medication and conventional treatments.

If you want to live differently, discover the best version of yourself, find the full radiance of your beauty, your intelligence and your emotional sensitivity, and and discover the wisdom of your soul and your body... I invite you to partake in these proposed exercises in order to make your own self workshops, in order to make your own holistic health and to become your own health master guardian.

First self-workshop: My current relationship with myself.

  1. First Step - Connection

In a moment of calm, when there are few distractions, take a few deep breaths. Notice your breathing and watch how it flows through your body.

Observe your body and all its different sensations, observe if there are places in your body that are devoid of any sensations, always without any judgment, simply observing.

Take a moment breathing with your heart in order to observe your current feelings, always without judgment, always simply observing.

Think of a picture/object/person/place that fills you with gratitude instantly. Hold this image/object/person/place in your thoughts and allow your body to be filled with gratitude. This increases the communication between our heart and our mind - and therefore, will open the connection to our intuition, our intellect and our life experiences.

  1. Step Two - Honesty - Your current relationships

In a journal (I invite you to truly dedicate yourself to your self-care workshops), write down and answer the following questions:

What is my current relationship with my health?

Who has the power to influence my health?

  • If there are several factors/people - note their respective percentage of power in respect to your health.

What is my current relationship with my body?

What is my current relationship with my heart?

What is my current relationship with my mind?

NB: To describe relationships - here are some examples of answers: negligent, passive, frustrated, disorderly, angry, tolerant, exploitative, neutral...

  1. Third step - Reviewing - Your desired relationships

In your journal, write and answer the following questions:

What will be my favorite relationship with my health?

Who would I prefer to have the power to influence my health?

  • If there are several factors/people - note their respective percentage of power in respect to your health

What will be my favorite relationship with my body?

What will be my favorite relationship with my heart?

What will be my favorite relationship with my mind?

NB: To describe the relationships - here are some examples of answers: passionate, respectful, compassionate, symbiotic, listening, curious...

  1. Step Four – Connecting

Take time to reconnect with your breathing.

Observe its rhythm, the length of your inspirations and expirations. Do you breathe more from your stomach? Your chest? Your back?

Thank your body, your heart and your spirit for their openness and support.

Sow the seed of your intentions to stay connected to your body, and try to understand your current relationships as well as all the possibilities of true health and holistic vitality.

Steps 2 (Honesty) and 3 (Reviewing) may take several days to complete. Take all the time you need to get started with a genuine and honest commitment. This workshop is for you and your own health - follow your own rhythm.

To be continued - Next week, I will explain how to analyze your honesty and viewing responses in order to create a solid action plan in order to support the development of your own self-care... so that you can be the best version of yourself in a holistic and radiant way!