Whether for unique skin care or to relax in a natural and aromatherapeutic environment , our new exclusive , charming and secluded site is the answer; where natural skin care is sublime .


Situated only 20 minutes from downtown is a beauty oasis offering 100% natural skin care. This rustic haven combines  the most precious oils and earthly products. Your skin will taste Jacynthes honeywith pure Bulgarian rose water (preservative, fragrance and chemical free as with all our products on site).


Complete facial and body care will be given in a rustic cabin nestled on Jacynthes property with no neighbour in sight. The feeling of deep relaxation will make you feel as though you are hours away from the city. The abundant fenestration  offers a view of  4 marvellous alpacas. Lose yourself in a field of flowers which is used for foot baths and full body exfoliations. You will be charmed by the simplicity yet high-end professional and unparallel treatment.


Thanks to the 100% natural and active ingredients, you will leave completely relaxed and re-energized with sublimely beautiful skin. Our serum alone is worth the visit. Its composition is so exceptional that we believe we have the recipe which has resulted in the most effective and incomparable anti-aging serums. It gives us a continuous feeling of well-being and happiness.


Furthermore, its vitamins, omegas and antioxidants actually nourish your skin. Our local and international orders coupled with the loyalty of our customers are a daily testament to this effect.


We sincerely hope to have the opportunity to welcome and offer you this incredible experience. Or last honey and Guarana skin care for firming and anti-wrinkling  plunges you in a bath of intoxicating aromas. All our visitors and loyal customers unanimously agree that we are indeed the incumbent.



Owner: Jacynthe Rene is an actrice who is passionate about a natural lifestyle. She is close to her children, she has launched maisonjacynthe.ca; a web based magazine which combines ideas about vitality and an innovative well being lifestyle. In it you can also find vegan and gluten free recipes and beauty rituals