A dedicated artist with an inspiring journey! Jacynthe René has received two bachelor’s degrees and is known for her roles on television, cinema, and theater. Involved in several projects, Jacynthe launched Jmagazine, an online magazine, where she (along with her team of specialists) shares her beauty and wellness secrets to inspire people.

To know the situation in our unconfined Maison Jacynthe ❤️
Because of the Covid-19, here is our situation: Our stores in Eastman, Charlesbourg, Trois-Rivières & Aylmer are officially open. The schedules will...
List of our approvals received from Health Canada (Natural Health Product Numbers)
Antiseptic gel - 80097884Antiseptic gel - 80097881Antiseptic gel - 80097878Respiratory formula - 80095323Eczema formula - 80096912Dermopur acne - 80096927Sebo gel...
My superfoods to regain energy, power & flat stomach
 Rediscover your power. Everything is possible. Boost your energy with superior nutrition and exceptional super foods (my 3 essentials on...
The procedure of my detox
Here is the procedure of my detox which, I repeat it is not a diet and far from me the...
Beautiful news!
Beautiful & exciting news!I took control of the production of makeup, I am now directly linked to our laboratory in...
Auberge Maison Jacynthe Eastman
355 Principale st, Eastman, QC  J0E 1Y0 Faster than expected, here is our hostel.Like your chalet, to do you good, alone, as...
Travel Essentials
In my suitcase, without wanting to brag, I can leave for 10 days with only 1 carry-on suitcase, good for...
The optimum food for us: almost pre-digested, already simplified, organic, and full of amino acids, with a bioelectric charge!When they...

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