A dedicated artist with an inspiring journey! Jacynthe René has received two bachelor’s degrees and is known for her roles on television, cinema, and theater. Involved in several projects, Jacynthe launched Jmagazine, an online magazine, where she (along with her team of specialists) shares her beauty and wellness secrets to inspire people.

A Healthy Attitude For Extra Energy
Oh, how I adore Pascal.Listening to him is truly nourishing.He broadens our perspective, and makes everything so simple.Here are 4...
How To Boost Your Immune System
Ever since I decided to eat better, spend more time outside, exercise, use essential oils on my skin and in...
Turnip Syrup Remedy for a Sore Throat
Who would have thought that Turnip Syrup was a remedy for sore throats and an effective expectorant for coughs.Here’s how...
Essential Oils and Me!
Ten years ago, I discovered a most fabulous world while pregnant with my eldest son. At the time, I was...
Oregano Essential Oil
In order to support my immune system, especially in the winter, I use essential oil of oregano. This is a...

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