A dedicated artist with an inspiring journey! Jacynthe René has received two bachelor’s degrees and is known for her roles on television, cinema, and theater. Involved in several projects, Jacynthe launched Jmagazine, an online magazine, where she (along with her team of specialists) shares her beauty and wellness secrets to inspire people.

Our New Liquid Foundations and Highlighters Are Here!
As requested by Marco Marsolais (celebrity make-up artist and Maison Jacynthe artistic director), here are our new liquid foundations and...
Our Makeup is Getting Rave Reviews!
Our makeup is getting rave reviews! Thank you so much for all the kind words! If you haven't done it already...
Beauty and Well-being destination unique in Quebec
Whether for unique skin care or to relax in a natural and aromatherapeutic environment , our new exclusive , charming...
Jacynthe's Skincare is Getting Rave Reviews
What a great surprise this morning! I was surfing the Net and found these raving reviews: Daly Beauty: “Full of...
Lactose and Gluten-Free Alternatives to Traditional Ingredients
Gluten-Free: A Feast Without Feeling Stuffed!How can we enjoy food, celebrate with others and indulge without remorse?My Advice? Replace some...
Essential Oils For Your Medicine Cabinet: A User's Guide
Traditional Lavender boasts many therapeutic properties:• Calming: soothes nerves, anti-anxiety, sedative and general sleep aid - a popular choice (along...
Press Reviews: Bloggers and Journalists Love Our Skincare Products!
What a lovely surprise this morning! While searching for feedback about our products, I found the following testimonials:24 hours (September...
Our Products are Cruelty-Free!
Rest assured: no animal testing is done to create our products, as they are plant-based, no animals are harmed at...
Answers to your Beauty-Related Questions
*Are Les Soins de Jacynthe safe to use during pregnancy?Yes, there’s no problem at all, the dosage of essential oils in...

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