The deep modeling allows to exercise on the tissues and muscle masses a real anti-aging facial gymnastics, a kind of natural lifting obtained by backward maneuvers, allowing to counter the slackening of the lines under the effect of gravity.

The massage will allow an acceleration of exchanges within the tissues inducing an improvement in lymphatic and blood circulation.

The tissues better irrigated and drained, are better nourished, better cleaned, regenerate better, resulting in a real care of Rejuvenation all by itself.

Deep massage is a facial massage that acts on the muscles, microcirculation and deep circulation of the skin, allowing an oxygen supply. Excellent anti-aging and anti-wrinkle treatment, it can also be used on young skin for prevention or as a relaxing massage.

Several materials can be used for this massage: neutral vegetable oil, neutral serum, rose serum, neroli, vetiver, myrrh elixir, jasmine rose, gold serum. Also muslin, butters or just with cleansing oil

Each maneuver is repeated 3 to 7 times.

The pressure is medium to strong, without disturbing the trigger.

Modeling time: 15 to 20 minutes

Little reminder on the facial muscles:



The main facial muscles;

The forehead (stressed by the creasing of the forehead) -
The eyebrow (mobilizes the eyebrows)
The pyramid (contracts the eyebrows, between the eyes)
The orbicularis (allows the mobilization of the eyelids)
The orbicularis of the lips (tightens the lips and closes the mouth)
Zygomatic (raise the corners of the lips and allow the smile)
The buccinator (the breath)
The triangular lips (allow the stretching of the labial commissures towards the outside)
The chin tassel (allows the advancement of the lower lip)
The skin muscles of the neck (allow the tension of the skin under the neck)

The face has around twenty skin muscles that contribute to facial expression. These are striated muscles that can perform an infinite number of contractions and stretches on command. Like all the other muscles of the body, they must be worked to maintain and fully fulfill their skin support roles.

Unsolicited, they atrophy insidiously, over the years, lose their tone, relax, allow themselves to be invaded by fat, and are responsible for the sagging of the features and the impasto of the face. No longer being properly supported by the underlying muscular plane, the skin in turn loses its tone and firmness.

On the other hand, you should know that muscles are always stressed in the same direction by natural facial expressions: smile, puckering, forehead, hence the term, expression lines.

The role of the massage will be to solicit the muscles in an unusual way, so as to correct the folds that have settled naturally in this region.

Regular stimulation of the facial muscles will result in a slight increase in muscle mass and stimulation of exchanges at the cell level, resulting in a result similar to skin lifting.

The deep modeling by operating a deep relaxation of the muscles of the face helps to dissipate the tensions impressed by stress and daily emotional charges

He goes :

Reduce existing wrinkles and delay the formation of new wrinkles.
Activate skin microcirculation and oxygenate the tissues.
Soften the skin and stimulate muscle tone.
Help the skin to regenerate and detoxify.

Deep Modeling: Protocol

Large effleurage
Effleurage the neckline
Effleurage the neck
Kneading of the sterno-cleiodomastoid
Fist friction of the digastric and stylo-hyoid muscle
Light effleurage of the neck and large touch of the face
Effleurage of the lower jaws
Kneading of the lower jaws
Alternative effleurage of the jaws
Friction in the fist of the lower jaws
Simultaneous effleurage of the upper and lower jaws
Chin tassel friction
Deep effleurage of the orbicularis of the lips
Effleurage the lower base of the face
Kneading of buccinator, zygomatic, masseter
Friction of buccinator, zygomatic, masseter
Pinch or tap (activates circulation)
Effleurage of eye orbiculars, pyramidal, surface lift
Deep effleurage
Kneading of the orbicularis
Kneading of the pyramid
Tap gently
Large effleurage of the upper part of the face
Effleurage of the front
Palpate-roll of the frontal
Front kneading
Final effleurage and large effleurage: Full hands, the maneuvers are carried out gently from the middle of the face to the sides, and by a movement of drainage, descend to the collarbones.
When the massage is finished, an invigorating sensation is felt. The complexion is more luminous, the face refined, the chin less pasty, the skin more toned, the eyelids less swollen. The skin is deeply cleansed, regenerated, it is cleansed and thus very receptive for new beauty treatments. To be treated as a cure for a lasting result.

At the end of this inner journey of deep relaxation, the bodily life freed from its tensions and disturbances opens up to all directions of space; in a kind of primitive capture, the body as well as the cells seem deprived of contours and spread in the environment like an emission of vibratory waves.



It is through art that man emerges from his reasoning and from experience at the level of perception that the creative faculties emerge.

The role of massage is to create a state of relaxation and wakefulness. He must be both available and vigilant.

If there is a way to give, there is a way to receive. It is therefore desirable that the subject is fully receptive to listening to what can awaken in his body

Naturally, the dams break down with more or less ease, but thanks to the operator's appropriate manipulations, the bodily matter relaxes, becomes more and more plastic, delivering energies.

This first phase of the experience is conducive to the manifestation of emotional waves.