Tip of the day!


100% natural, 100% active, with prestigious ingredients.

Apply our body oil before taking a bath and you will get fabulous results. I did it when I was pregnant. Recently, I reconnected with this ritual, using our most emollient and calming oil Macadam and Chamomile. I used it during my last pregnancy (with our body oil and shea butter) on my stomach to prevent stretch marks (it worked)!

You will have the same result with body oil or Peau de Bébé, leaving your skin silky and smooth.

Suitable for children, especially if they have rashes or redness. Apply the oil on your child’s body before bath time. Only wash, feet, hands, armpits and intimate parts. No need to add oil. Will sooth and soften the skin. Even the next morning. The skin will be left nourished.