Offering gifts yes, but not at the price of the suffering of animals but rather by honoring  the nature and the beings who live there.

Today, a student posted on our page a publication from PETA concerning testing on animals (here -> being made by big brands of cosmetics from here and elsewhere. Worried, I immediately did my research; I couldn’t believe that it was still like this. Sorry if the news appears sensationalized, I learn that unfortunately when a company wants to enter the Chinese market, although the country has slightly relaxed its policies, cosmetic testing on animals is still difficult to avoid: registration laws in China require tests to be carried out on raw materials and finished products according to local standards and animal testing. In addition to being expensive, time-consuming and benefiting only a few, imported products are still subject to this regulation, but, Chinese products are no longer subject to them, thus illustrating their immoral practices, now in 2016.

A question to ask yourself: "Is the product distributed in China?", which implies animal testing.

Maison Jacynthe is so happy to offer a complete line of makeup and skincare, cruelty-free (we are recognized by PETA), respecting and valuing the nature, while also being 100% natural and 100% active. Hallelujah! And fortunately, more and more of us are bringing to light what we no longer tolerate, and we choose more consciously.