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For a lot of us, summer vacations are all about fun and relax from the stressful life. Freshly nostalgic of  all those moments we enjoyed  in the sun, on the terraces, jamming around music festivals,  traveling, boating with friends, and now is the time to give our skin a little soft regenerating break. Some great additions to our daily ritual will help us find that feeling of natural and soothing regeneration:


1-L'Hydra teint

To give your skin a smooth, hydrated feeling and provide the perfect base to prepare for successful makeup.



The new innovation in natural skincare: it is a daytime moisturizer or nighttime facial skin repairing fluid. It offers twice the performance in maintaining hydration and repairing sensitive skin. It helps to regain the water balance of the skin and protect against free radicals. The skin becomes softer, with improved elasticity, and a regain of its comfort and radiance.

3-L’Eau teint

Moisturizing finishing mist to fix this beautiful makeup you just did. To use throughout the day to rehydrate our skin!

4-Neroli serum

To soothe your skin, the Neroli serum invites you to relax with this feeling of youth and joy that accompanies us throughout the day with a sparkling aromatherapy fragrance that will calm the most anxious ones.



It is also a return to school and professional activities. That means; juggling with time and a morning ritual that is very limited by time. Your makeup bag must be up to the task. So, we offer you the idea of successful vegan makeup in 5 minutes with:


1-Fluide de teint

Our Complexion Fluid is a highlighting veil that is easy to apply. Perfectly evens out the complexion with an ultra natural finish. Its formula with jojoba oil, apricot oil and Labrador tea. It protects and moisturizes the skin.

2-Éclat du teint and The fond de teint brush

Concealer perfectly matched to foundation helps blur the appearance of dark circles and redness while providing exceptional coverage. It illuminates the eyes and has a smoothing effect on fine lines and wrinkles.

3-Sol Luna bronzing and illuminator with The ombre/lumière brush

For a bright, bronzed look in two steps.

4-The Cachemire pencil

For a perfectly defined eye contour that is easy to apply and long-lasting.

5-The Barely there pencil

To prolong the hold of your lipsticks and for a precise contour of your lips.


A moisturizing lip gloss for comfort and a luminous finish.


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