Oh, how I adore Pascal.

Listening to him is truly nourishing.

He broadens our perspective, and makes everything so simple.


Here are 4 attitudes that exhaust us:

  • wanting more
  • resisting the present/not wanting to be where you are
  • wanting something else
  • scattered thinking


Here are 4 attitudes that help us:

  • kindness
  • awareness (focus/mindfulness)
  • contentment
  • curiosity


Here are 2 activities to help cultivate a healthy attitude:

  • During daily activities, ask yourself: "How can this activity promote wellbeing, awareness, peace, kindness?"


  • Walking Meditation: stress is lowered through awareness and “presence”, we pay attention to the wind, temperature, sunlight, etc. While you walk, be aware of the sensations beneath your feet as they connect with the ground. Look around you, stop and admire what you see. We usually walk to go somewhere, but can also walk for the sheer pleasure of it!


Photo credit: Benoit Guerin (Vive)


A huge thank you to my beloved researchers, Chantal Mondoux and Claire Guerin, for their wonderful work!