Get inspired by these wonderful 100% natural, vegan looks! 

Karine look - For the eyes: Sol Luna palette, illuminator on the eyelid and under the eyebrow arch. Tape-à-l'oeil (Eye shadow) 06 applied to the finger and then applied with number 2 brush in the center of the eyelid. At the roots of the eyelashes, Crayon yeux (Onyx) pencil fading eye shadows 01 and 05. Complexion: Éclat du teint 03 with a touch of Fluide de teint (Fluid) 05. Sol Luna palette for complexion and cheeks. Barely There pencil and Gloss Flicker for lips.


Camille look - Mobile eyelid: eye shadows 06 and 07, in the hollow of the eyelid 04, then inner corner 01 and finally Barely There at the root of the lower lashes.  For the complexion: Éclat du Teint and Fluid 03, Sol Luna. For the cheeks: 02 of the Joue à joue blush palette mixed with 02 of the Tape-à-l'oeil palette. 


Virginia Look - Complexion: Fluide de teint (Fluid) 03 with a touch of Gel sébo-régulateur (Sebo gel). Complexion radiance 05. For the cheeks: 02 of the Tape-à-l'oeil palette mixed with eye shadow 02. For the eyes: Oh Violet!  (purple eye pencil) !  faded with Tape-à-l'oeil (eyeshadow) 04. At the outer and hollow corner of the eyelid: the 04 eyeshadow mixed with the bronzing powder of the Sol Luna palette. In the inner corner of the eye: illuminateur 01 applied to the finger.