My summer essentials, skin and silhouette 

My sun protection 

An essential care for these days! I use our 100% natural Vanilla Shea butter as sun protection in duo with zinc oxide. Here is my sun protection (for children, my boyfriend & me). Not only does it block UVA & UVB rays, but also, it nourishes our skin thanks, among other things, to its sea buckthorn oil. See how I do my sun protection

The after-sun

The after-sun, a body serum with at the top of the list, rosehip, to help the skin regenerate while giving it back the carotenes degraded in the sun, in order to properly repair what could have been damaged. To learn more about my after-sun body serum

My collection of face serums 

They're also the best after-suns that can exist, for the same reasons as The after-sun : virgin rosehip at the top the list of all active ingredients. 

Aloe gel 

Here are 6 good reasons to use aloe to heal the appearance of the skin: 

  • It regulates the pH of the skin 
  • It penetrates the skin deeply 
  • It nourishes the skin 
  • It rids the skin of dead cells 
  • It regenerates the skin 
  • It is both a hydrating and astringent agent 

I explain how to take care of your spots & I tell you about the benefits of aloe vera


I exfoliate my body every day with Frutti-tutti (Himalayan salt exfoliant, which remineralizes the body at the same time; no need to go in the shower afterwards; we can exfoliate without rinsing, in the lawn for example, and find our skin well nourished once the exfoliation is finished). 

Orange blossom soufflé 

My mousseline for the body Orange blossom soufflé (especially for those who can not manage to take care their dry legs): my mousselines (for the body and the face) are my version of the cream, but in 100% natural, pure, active (without unnecessary emulsifying agents, without silicones or petroleum derivatives that clog skin pores, of course, without preservatives or fragrances). 

My deodorants 

Obviously, I can't do without my life-changing deodorants ... my cute little natural deodorants are just as effective as no others, because they attack the bacteria responsible for bad odor in the armpits and feet! Very pleasant, you can spray them after the shower and the effect lasts until the next day and even more! Very pleasant and discreet scents. Unlike many deodorants on the market, they do not clog skin pores. They are available in spray or concentrate format. 

Geranium on rose 

Spray or concentrate (alcohol free) 

Delicious fusion of bourbon geranium, rose geranium, ylang-ylang & sandalwood. 


Spray or concentrate (alcohol free) 

Composed of sandalwood & rose geranium, it is simply extraordinary. Extremely powerful and efficient, it can be used by the most athletic among us! 


Spray or concentrate (alcohol free) 

Perfect blend of mandarin & sandalwood. Extremely powerful and effective, the softest of our 4 deodorants! 


Spray or concentrate (alcohol free) 

Made from sandalwood. Ideal for men, can also be worn by women. 


For soft legs all summer long, I use Naturépile. From the first applications, a slowing down and a change in regrowth with finesse and softness. Reduces redness and inflammation while soothing the burning sensation after hair removal. Ideal between two hair removal sessions (wax, eyebrow tweezers or electrolysis). 

Invigorating dry brushing 

In the morning, to energize, tone up and therefore wake up, before taking a shower; use a natural bristle brush to brush your skin in circular motions starting from the top of the feet towards the torso, then working from the fingers towards the chest. In the evening, it allows you to relax after a busy day. It is followed by a hot shower or bath and the night's sleep will be excellent. Find out more about the benefits of dry brushing

My salad to feel good 

My bin of 12 to 14 organic vegetables for the equivalent of 5 salads and everything you need to know about the salad and what it does for us! We complete at home, if we want, with fresh lettuce, peppers and tomatoes (which we cannot include because they give off too much water). Wow! (She composes my midday and evening meals and each time, I wait for her with treat & impatience. And above all, I am delighted to have eaten it so I am vibrating with energy.) 

That's enough to change your life and since already prepared for you, there is no longer any reason to be not married with the vitality! 

My supplements to be at my best 

Essential fibers & L’Ami which allowed me to regain a flat stomach (no bloating). The complete set for muscle mass that benefits after training. 

For more information 

Jean-Yves answers your questions about the sun and sun protection