Your hair reflects your overall health, just like your skin. When your body lacks essential nutrients for hair growth, it tries to nourish the hair, but fails to give it the strong, healthy appearance that you are looking for. 

La soyeuse - The silky hair oil 

True pure & natural "4-in-1" treatment, La soyeuse, use at a time: for a hair conditioner before shampoo (so no need for conditioner! Hair will be silky and easy to comb!) 

In friction on the scalp; in generous unction on the lengths; and / or invigorating massage and repairing hair tips. 

  • Softening, revitalizing and protective benefits for the hair. 
  • Warm, sensual & tiare solar fragrance. 

If you have more time, suggestions-advice & rituals

To fully benefit from the well-being effects of pure friction, apply the equivalent of a pump directly to the scalp and massage your scalp. Take a 15-20 minute break, then wash your hair with a natural shampoo. 

For optimal care in generous anointing on the lengths, apply to dry or damp hair 2 to 3 tablespoons (depending on the volume) of the La soyeuse on the lengths and ends then comb your hair. Allow 1 to 2 hours of break and wrap them with a hot towel to activate the treatment. Finally, wash your hair with a natural shampoo. 

For an invigorating and restorative massage of the ends, place the desired amount of La soyeuse in your hands, then apply small touches to the ends. Massage them then let the treatment act. There is no need to wash your hair! 

Baume cheveux - Hair balm 

A repairing balm! The hair regains strength, gloss, shine and this beautiful softness! Lemony and refreshing scent!
Coat the hair and ideally keep overnight before washing. 

Our sumptuous natural shampoos 

Why choose a natural shampoo? Find out here.

There are many brands of shampoo on the market, several contain chemicals such as preservatives, foaming agents or emulsifiers. Without forgetting that there are also many shampoos of natural origin, but are they really? For the health of our family and ourselves, it is desirable to make informed choices, hence the importance of scrutinizing ingredients on labels as many toxic ingredients could be found there. 

Here are our plant-based shampoos! Biodegradable - Hypoallergenic - Gluten Free - Paraben Free - Soy Free - Fragrance Free - Silicone Free - Sulfate Free - Not tested on animals - Safe for rivers, lakes and oceans - Vegan - Made with pure essential oils. (Exception for Doux Bébé and Nature which do not contain essential oils). They are almost all available in 2 sizes: 250 ml or 1L (jumbo). 

Fleuri, our novelty

Its synergy : bourbon geranium, rose geranium, ylang-ylang & sandalwood. 

Doux bébé, the soothing one

With calendula & vanilla extracts (without essential oils). 

L’ayurvédique, the nourishing one 

Its synergy : cedar, frankincense, patchouli, myrrh, rose geranium, oak moss, jojoba, bergamot & clove. 

L’exaltant, the invigorating one 

Its synergy : cedar, rosemary, rose geranium, true lavender, bergamot, peppermint & copaiba. 

Patchouli, the stimulating one

Its synergy : patchouli & sweet orange. 

Nature, without essential oils 

For sensitive people or to adapt it to your specific needs by adding an essential oil or a synergy of your choice. If you want to adapt your Nature shampoo, all you have to do is choose an essential oil or synergy and include it in your bottle (15 drops per 250 ml). 

For example: 

  • L’Exfopro, to exfoliate the accumulated layers of silicone, add 1 drop to its portion of shampoo previously poured into the palm of your hand. (Also for colored hair). It is a surface work to exfoliate the scalp only, it must be mixed with the shampoo by massaging by rotation. Do not spread it in the hair. 
  • German chamomile, goodbye yellowing of gray & white hair.  
  • Palmarosacedar & tea tree are allies against dandruff.  
  • Joy perfume : mandarin, bergamot, grapefruit, lemon litsea, ylang-ylang, clove and vanilla; the perfect cocktail to start the day in a festive, refreshing & relaxing way.  

Hair cocktail 

Hair cocktail (NPN 80052325) works from the inside. Its unique formula penetrates your hair and nourishes them to its full potential. This wise formula distinguishes itself by its quality and the concentration of its active ingredients. Dull and lifeless appendages will be able to regain growth, shine and vitality. 

Hair cocktail reduces hair loss and increases the hair resistance to 95%, for a healthier and shinier look. It contributes to healthy hair. It reinforces nails by bringing them strength, elasticity and hydration. It also diminishes redness, wrinkles and fine lines of the skin while promoting firmness, elasticity, brightness and radiance. 

  • Helps maintain healthy hair. 
  • Helps strengthen hair and nails. 
  • Helps to prevent zinc deficiency. 
  • Helps to prevent copper deficiency. 
  • Provides a contribution in silicon.  

Wet brush 

Here is the hairbrush that I use and that you requested. Good for our hair and for the planet. The handle is made from all-natural, biodegradable vegetable starch that breaks down in landfills in no more than 5 years. Gentle on your hair and gentle on the environment. Exclusive, ultra-soft IntelliFlex bristles easily glide through knots. It therefore reduces pain, breaks and split end. It allows you to brush your hair with less force, so you can detangle it causing less damage. 

I combine La soyeuse and Hair balm before my Patchouli shampoo and I detangle my wet hair with the “Wet brush”. 

To remember 

If there are two things to remember they are the following, nourish your hair like you nourish your body and be careful not to attack it with chemicals. Take care of them and they will thank you.